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Customizing GlotPress

In the previous tutorial we described how to install GlotPress. This tutorial is about customizing it. As WordPress, GlotPress can be extended with actions and filters but some things still need to be configured with the config file. In this article I’m going to discuss a few of those defines that are really handy to […]

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Installing and using GlotPress

If you care about having your plugin multilingual then GlotPress is a must to use. GlotPress is a collaborative, web-based software translation tool. You don’t need to use a program like Poedit to change strings but you can simply use GlotPress. It’s used on and makes it really easy to have people helping you […]

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WordPress and PHP 5.5

As some of you know the mysql extension is deprecated in PHP 5.5. Most likely it still works but when you want to use it now with WordPress it will fill up your logs. This will get fixed in WordPress 3.7 or maybe 3.8 depending on feature scope for 3.7. There is already a ticket […]

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Cropping Post Thumbnails from Top instead of Center in WordPress

Last week someone I know asked me how to do always a top center crop on thumbnails and I knew it was possible because of WP_Image_Editor. But you always wondered what it was before 3.5 and it always seemed you needed to hack code till I founded a post from George Stephanis. His post shows that […]

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